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Jul 30, 2019

Taylor is joined by Bachelor bestie Vanessa Grimaldi to share her feelings on the Bachelor in Paradise preview, the ladies discuss how they maintain a long distance friendship, how they navigate when their friends enter a new relationship, and reflect on the work they’re doing from the past relationships and...

Jul 23, 2019

Taylor is joined by fellow therapist Taylor Moss, LMFTA, to answer your questions on what it is like to be a therapist!  Do therapists see therapists?  How do we not internalize our client’s emotions?  How do we balance being caretakers in our personal lives? What’s the difference between a therapist, counselor,...

Jul 18, 2019

You asked, and Taylor’s Answering! In part two of this episode, Taylor answers your questions on becoming a therapist. Taylor shares her story in becoming a therapist, what her clinical internships looked like, tips for going into a graduate program, and what to do if you just don’t know how to help someone.  

Jul 11, 2019

You asked, and Taylor’s Answering!  In part one of this episode, Taylor answers your questions on seeking a therapist and working with a therapist.  Taylor provides tips on how to seek the “right” therapist, how to communicate when you’re not happy with your current therapist, and how to support a loved one who...

Jul 5, 2019

Binge Eating disorder is the most common eating disorder among Americans, and many struggle with emotional eating. Amber Romaniuk, an Emotional Eating, Digestive, and Hormone Expert, shares her personal story and lends her knowledge on emotional and mindful eating.  


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