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Nov 12, 2019

Taylor reflects on 100 episodes of Let’s Talk About It and shares lessons she’s learned along the way, answers some of your questions, and chats plans for the next 100 episodes! 

Nov 5, 2019

On this week's Let's Talk About It Podcast, Taylor is joined by Elizabeth Earnshaw, aka @lizlistens, to discuss the ethics of being a therapist with a platform on social media, the honor of being a therapist, and toxic monogamy.



Nov 2, 2019

In an impromptu bonus episode of Let's Talk About It, Taylor shares her intimate interview recorded recently with Reality Steve, discussing her recent break up, clarification on getting back to together with Derek Peth, masturbating, and threesomes.

Oct 29, 2019

On this week's podcast, Taylor meets with Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersy in Minneapolis to discuss how she’s processed the shame around being a professional with generalized anxiety disorder, the difference between boundaries and ultimatums including a discussion around sexual boundaries, polyvagal theory, and how to work...

Oct 22, 2019

On this week's Let's Talk About It, Taylor Nolan is joined by Bachelor Bestie Vanessa Grimaldi to share the blessings of their recent break ups. Taylor shares all the details, and explains why she made the decision to part ways with "Canada Man".