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Sep 30, 2021

Dr. Q is in the house and is joining Taylor to help inform folks about the benefits of pelvic floor therapy, who would benefit, and what it is. Dr. Q also breaks down myths around Kegels and shares what it has been like doing this kind of education on social media.

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Sep 23, 2021

Let's unpack the different kinds of nonmonogamy! Gabrielle Smith, relationship writer and non-monogamy educator seen on Red Table Talk, shares her experience of being solo-poly, dating a married man, and how to intentionally date.

Let’s Talk About It Podcast Instagram:

Sep 16, 2021

Taylor is joined by Dr. Donna Oriowo, author, speaker, and certified sex therapist, to discuss how colorism and white supremacy show up in the bedroom. Dr. Oriowo works specifically with black women unpacking the impacts that the systems of white supremacy and patriarchy have on their relational and sexual lives. Taylor...

Sep 9, 2021

Psychologist and women's health expert, Dr. Valerie Rein, joins Taylor to discuss what she has identified as Patriarchy Stress Disorder. The two discuss what PSD is, how it shows up, and how we can heal from it. The intersections of PSD and white supremacy are unpacked as well as white women's role in it. Taylor also...

Sep 2, 2021

Certified Sex Educator, writer, parent, entertainer, and podcaster, Elle Stanger joins Taylor to discuss her path and experiences in the adult industry. The two touch on the new policy that Only Fans was *going to* implement, Elle answers if she regrets getting into sex work, and how folks can help support...